Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Fawad Khan Family

Fawad Khan's father worked in a multinational company. Due to the nature of their work you have to travel around the world. Fawad traveled the world with his father. He learned a lot by staying in different countries. He studied with students from different countries. He was born in Karachi, but spent most of his life in Lahore. His father was from Lahore and his mother belongs to the offspring of Pakhtoon. His family comes from Patiala in British India. Fawad spent his first four years of his life in Riyadh, then transferred to Dubai for three years. Then he moved to Manchester United Kingdom with his family. At the age of 12, he returned to Lahore. He played cricket with his brother Asad. He said I used to bat all day. He remembers his childhood in a way that it was beautiful days. We feared at the time. Life was very disciplined too. We used to play everywhere. Fawad is missing so long. His brothers are missing.

 He adds that as we are all married now and we have met after a year or more since we are all busy in our work. Fawad has a brother and a sister. They reside abroad. Fawad tells his parents who have always supported him throughout thick and thin. I have never imposed their decisions on them. They just make me work hard in whatever career I choose. He also added that my parents did their best to eat better. Fawad is married to Sadaf Fawad Khan. Sadaf is your friend of the school. There were many obstacles between her marriage. As Fawad was a very shy guy, I'm very nervous to start talking to Sadaf. But after their relationship began he never looked back. Sadafs' father was of the opinion that Fawad should not join the media industry as it is not a noble profession. Then Fawad did a job for a while in the multinational company, as well as meeting with Sadaf's parents. They are blessed with two daughters and a son. The names of Ayaan and her daughter are Elayaan. Fawad reveals once every time you are tired, just sitting with his daughters to overcome their fatigue. Fawad has been singing crazy since early childhood. He was so fortunate to survive a serious accident when he was only 17 years old. He is considered very lucky, because it was a very bad time of his life. This accident changed his life in many ways, as he suffered from diabetes after the accident. His pancreas was also damaged. He remained in the hospital for more than two months. He was the most difficult in life time Fawad. His family and brothers supported him during this period. Fawad travels the world for their projects these days and life is very busy. we love you Fawad Khan....

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